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Engine Control for Forced Induction 2010/03/09

Posted by Michael in 2JZduino.

I have intentions of adding a Raptor V supercharger to my IS300, mostly for the learning experience.  It is important to me that the supercharged engine be reliable and clean like the stock Lexus IS300 engine (the 2JZ-GE) while outputting about 350 hp (crank).

Increasing power output of an internal combustion engine is a simple matter of increasing the quantity of air that passes through it.  Turbochargers and superchargers increase power output by compressing air at the intake which increases the density of the ingested air and thus the mass flow-rate.

High combustion chamber pressures however require special consideration for ignition-timing, and fuel mixture to avoid detonation (engine knock or ping) and to optimize engine performance.  There are a few commercially available fuel/ignition control units that work in combination with stock ECUs, however I decided to design my own.

2JZduino is my custom signal processor for fuel and timing control.  Built on the open-source Arduino Mega platform, the solution includes a custom electronics board/shield that interfaces with the Arduino Mega, and the firmware to drive it.  All development is done specifically for the Toyota 2JZ-GE 3.0L inline-6 engine.

I post at the Arduino Forums under the username “Mitch_CA”.  In this space I will document the complete design.



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