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VVTi Signal 2010/03/17

Posted by Michael in 2JZduino.

One of my readers asked that I datalog the VVTi signal in a similar way to the Cam and Crank Signals.

Apparently VVTi operates at the alternator voltage: ~14V.  I built a 1:3 voltage divider using three 10k resistors to step the voltage down enough to be read by the Arduino analog input. I understand the VVTi signal is PWM.  Below is a chart of the captured signal – positive waveform only.

Download VVTi Signal Datalog.pdf for a full 3 seconds of raw data captured at ~8000 Hz.



1. David - 2010/03/17

So if the Arduino was connected to a MOSFET do you think it would be capable of controlling it?

2. Michael - 2010/03/18

Yes it should. The fuel injection circuit I’m running is a MOSFET driven by the Arduino. I’ve selected the FQP4N20L for fuel injection. This is probably overkill for VVTi, but there are probably other MOSFETs in the same product lineup.

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