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0.2 Alpha (2nd public release) 2010/11/12

Posted by Michael in 2JZduino.
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Thanks to one of my (few) readers for a new idea on how to provide ignition delay. To date, my solution has been to intercept and delay the crank sensor signals. This has posed numerous challenges for reliably detecting the signal at the full RPM range.

The suggestion was to instead simply intercept the signals going out to the igniter. I did not expect the signal to the igniter (IGT) to be a 5V logic-level signal and so before now hadn’t looked into it. I’ve plans to revise the under-hood wiring and the logic to intercept the IGT signals and simply tap into the crank sensor signal so as to get an accurate engine RPM reading. This should provide a more direct approach to delaying ignition while also eliminating some of the burden on the Arduino processor and some of the risk in measuring the crank signal in such a fragile way.

Because of this significant shift I’ve decided to release version 0.2 of the 2JZDuino code…
2JZduino at SourceForge

Most of the changes (along with ramblings) are documented at the top of IS300_MAPadd.cpp. Worth particular mention is that I implemented new logic to detect, filter, and reproduce injector signals; there were significant errors there in the 0.1 code.

I’ve also tested the Wideband/Narrowband conversion and simulation logic; it seems to work for bank 1 but I need to purchase a 2nd Wideband to provide close loop control for bank 2.

Lastly, there’s been some interest at miataturbo.net in developing an Arduino standalone engine controller. See this thread…

One of the members found me out and sent me an email (my first post in that thread @ #157).