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Raptor V and Intercooler Installation 2011/01/01

Posted by Michael in my IS300.

There was a lot of iterative fitting, measuring and fabricating, but I’ve finally got the Raptor V mounting brackets and the intercooler piping done. Pictures tell this story best…

The Raptor mounts to a generic plate supplied by 928 Motorsports. I custom-built two pieces to attach to the side of the 2JZ engine via two existing bosses; one pre-tapped for an M10, and the other pre-drilled for an M10. Also visible in some photos is the 3″ hole drilled through the body sheet-metal and lined with rubber hose for the intercooler piping.

A third custom piece attaches the Raptor mount plate to the alternator bolt. These components are all sized to align the pulley for the serpentine belt.

The inter-cooler is mounted to the crash-bar with M8 bolts and steel right-angle brackets.

The plastic liner for the front-left wheel-well gets a big hole for the inter-cooler piping pass-thru.

With the plastic belly-panel removed. looking from the middle of the car at the hole in the plastic liner.

Now with the inter-cooler plumbing installed…

I fabricated an aluminum heat-shield to fit between the intake filter and the exhaust manifold. Also visible is the aluminum air manifold (with copper and brass fittings). The manifold collects exhausts from the PCV, cooling air for the Raptor, and the Bosch bypass valve, and redirects it back into the compressor intake.



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