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2JZDuino 0.5 Beta (public release), and Arduino EEPROM 2012/07/16

Posted by Michael in 2JZduino.
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I’ve posted a minor update to 2JZDuino. Get it from the 2JZDuino project page at SourceForge .
Download “2JZDuino 0.5 beta.zip”.

Included in the .zip package is the project folder (including source-code) for the Windows EEPROM programmer I wrote to support 2JZDuino; IS300_Arduino_EEPROM.

The only changes I implemented since the 0.4.x release are some adjustments to target a more stable idle and acceleration. For a long time I’ve had an issue where MAF turbulence caused the injector pulse-widths to vary significantly at idle. I implemented some logic that intervenes at idle if the injector signal leans-out too quickly.

The acceleration change was simply based on the volumetric efficiency (VE) I’ve estimated for my engine. Minimum injector Pulse-Width enforced during tip-in is now calculated for a higher assumed VE.