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Crankshaft Pulley Removal 2012/10/06

Posted by Michael in my IS300.
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There is a long thread at my.is about timing belt and water pump service for IS300s, with a lot of people encountering difficulty removing the crankshaft pulley bolt…


I changed my timing belt  yesterday and hacked up a custom tool to hold the crankshaft pulley in place while the bolt was loosened.  In addition to using this tool, I left the vehicle in 5th gear with the parking break pulled.  Once I started pulling on the breaker bar the bolt was loose within about 2 minutes.  See pictures below…

Key dimensions of the crankshaft pulley…

My custom tool, made from scraps of aluminum and the remainder of a satellite dish mount.  On the bolts you can see aluminum spacers I used because the bolts I had were too long.  The bolts only need to be long enough to extend 30mm past the front face of the pulley.  Note that if your bolts are much longer they will interfere with the timing belt cover that’s behind the crankshaft pulley.

Here the tool is installed on the crankshaft pulley and supported by a jack-stand (to oppose the torque from the breaker bar).

While pulling on my 3′ breaker bar the front of the car lifted a few inches.  After rocking on it a few times it cracked loose.

Lastly, a regular harmonic balancer puller made removal of the pulley from the crankshaft straightforward.