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my IS300

In 2007 I was lucky to stumble into buying what I now appreciate as a rare find; I own a 2004 Lexus IS300, manual, Sport Design, in thundercloud metallic (TCM).  Wikipedia publishes that only 20,000 2004 IS300s were produced, most of which had automatic transmissions.  The manual transmission and the Sport Design package add to the scarcity, leading me to estimate that there are fewer than 1,000 of these in North America.

I purchased this vehicle with the intentions of applying my engineering and mechanical aptitudes toward auto-repair and modification.  The IS300 shares a heritage with the Toyota Supra and the AE86 and serves as an excellent platform as a performance vehicle (ref; http://www.autoanalyser.com/racing/).

Primarily as a learning experience, I’ve set out to upgrade the performance of this IS300 while maintaining a reliable, balanced, clean, and comfortable vehicle.  These pages will document the learning and progress of this journey, providing both a record of development and hopefully some material that others can find useful.

If you also own an IS, visit http://my.is.   I consider this to be the leading Lexus IS owners community.  You can find my posts in the forums under the username mitch_1979.

Details of vehicle changes present and future will be posted to the my IS300 category. For information on my custom fuel & timing engine controller read the posts in the 2JZduino category.



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